Discover the Dutch foldable boat

The foldable Polderboat offers more than you expect

A fullsize 3,50m boat

A 3.5-meter boat with plenty of space, as you also have the full 1.4-meter width as interior space

Easy to set up

Easy to set up. Getting the boat ready to sail takes about 10 minutes. Really simple.

4 person crew

Boating with 4 adults or 2 adults and some children. It's no problem. The boat can carry up to 325 kilos.

motorize up to 6hp

The nicest thing is to sail electric, the combination of tranquility and power. In addition, you do not have to take liquids into account during transport.

Ready to sail in 5 minutes

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A light weight boat

When unfolded, the boat weighs only 56 kilos. And folded, the weight of the boat hull is only 36 kilos

Your own at-home marina

No mooring required, the spacious Polderboat folds into just a compact package which you can easily store at home.

100% Maintenance Free

Free of painting, sanding, wood rot or rust. A Polderboat is 100% maintenance-free. So more time for you to be on the water!

About Our Company

Around Oud Maarsseveen are the Westbroekse Zodden. Zodde means low and swampy land. This area used to be best reached by water. For example by rowboat, barge or pram. So it is not surprising that there used to be a shipyard here.

Today this swampy land is a polder. Dry but with many canals and lakes to sail on. This is the basic foundation for our polder boat. The need for using the boat has changed. Nowdays people sail to relax, fish or explore.

We believe in worry-free boating, where mooring and maintenance do not play a role. After boating, you fold up your boat, and take it with you. it can be that simple.

Westbrook Boating Company is founded in the Polder of Westbroek, The Netherlands.